The Upper Echelon of Oakland Tacos

The quality and variety at Tacos Estrellas put it in the upper echelon of Oakland taco trucks, says Ruth Lafler. The tacos are quite good: Carnitas is in the drier style, with shredded meat, some of it crispy. Al pastor is well spiced and not very barbecue-y. The truck also apparently has access to a masa specialist: There are tamales and atole. When you order a tamale, it is, astonishingly, removed from its wrapper and toasted on the grill. The filling is not superporky, but there’s a generous amount of green chiles, giving the whole thing a warm glow.

foodfan really likes the lengua tacos. Another plus: morning burritos, starting at about 8, but note that the truck is not out on Sundays. (foodfan’s other favorite Oakland taco truck is Mi Grullense, in the parking lot of a Goodwill.)

The Tacos Estrellas truck is parked in a dirt lot behind the Purcell paint store.

Tacos Estrellas [East Bay]
Dirt lot behind 615 High Street, Oakland

Mi Grullense Taco Truck [East Bay]
Goodwill parking lot at 1301 30th Avenue, Oakland

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