Salads needn’t be dull when good tomatoes are the stuff of dreams. Hardy winter veggies, in-season fruits, and tasty add-ins bring depth to a plate of greens this time of year. Peppery or sturdy greens such as watercress, arugula, mizuna, and spinach are good choices as a base for toppings of fruits, nuts, and cheeses. Fennel, either roasted and chilled or sliced superthin and served raw, is another great winter salad veggie.

Fresh Fuyu persimmons, apples, and pears are seasonal fruits that marry well with savory salad ingredients. Dried fruits add intense bursts of flavor, as do pomegranate seeds. Toasted or candied nuts, toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and pine nuts all add crunch and texture. Cheeses of all kinds mix and match with these ingredients.

Try making unconventional croutons, from cornbread or fruit-and-nut breads, and using them with complementary flavors.

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