Somerville’s Machu Picchu Charcoal Chicken & Grill (not to be confused with Machu Picchu, right across the street) has previously been called out in the Digest for having wonderful tamales, but opinionatedchef is there for the el Peruanisimo sandwiches: “The warm sandwich is an oblong soft roll filled with moist slices of seasoned roast pork with sliced roasted sweet potatoes, and dressed with a spicy yellow (amarillo) sauce.”

While you’re there, suggests opinionatedchef, pick up a “moist, flavorful marinated rotisserie chicken” and the aforementioned pork tamales: “orange and very richly flavored from meat stock.”

Machu Picchu Charcoal Chicken & Grill [North of Boston]
25 Union Square, Somerville

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