Compass Group, one of the world’s largest food-service companies, has joined big food purveyors like Burger King and Wendy’s in implementing a cage-free egg policy. According to NPR’s Day to Day, Compass provides millions of meals to corporations, universities, restaurants, and catering companies. This policy would mean that about 200,000 chickens would live outside of battery cages.

But cage-free does not mean that the eggs will look or taste like real farm eggs. Cage-free doesn’t even mean cruelty-free. Cage-free chickens don’t have to have access to the outdoors, and they can still have their beaks cut off.

If you want to have truly guilt-free and delicious eggs, get yourself some chickens (unless you live in Chicago). And to navigate your way through the tangled terminology, this guide to how to buy eggs on Culinate may prevent grocery aisle hyperventilation.

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