Pamela Anderson is a one-woman PETA public relations machine. When she’s not stripping to protest fur (link is not safe for work), she’s urging NASCAR drivers to drop KFC as a sponsor.

As far as PR goes, PETA may have jumped the shark (no animals were hurt in the use of that metaphor), but Anderson’s latest campaign actually made me stop and read more. Mars candy, according to PETA, has been doing invasive animal testing in the hopes of meeting pharmaceutical standards for marketing the health benefits of flavanols in chocolate. Such products include the company’s CocoaVia line, which Mars claims may help lower cholesterol. Says Christophe Dandoy, director of communications at Mars France, “Although we do care about animals, we have to by law test on animals when developing products that contain flavanols, because of the pharmaceutical regulations.”

Animal testing for chocolate just doesn’t seem tasteful. Can’t they find some human volunteers to test their chocolate on instead?

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