A few hounds name Nick’s Cafe as the place to find the best ham in the city. Says petradish, “It’s not country ham, but a nicely prepared slab of pig with a slight chew (not limp or rubbery), salty and meaty, substantial, hint of clove in there somewhere, maybe. Like someone baked a nice ham for dinner and served you breakfast the next morning along with some good eggs.”

The salsa is also really popular, and the home fries are better than the hash browns.

The main drawback here is that there’s only one cook (who can’t multitask), one waitress (Myrna) and about 20 counter seats, so it can take a while to get served. A tip from Myrna: Put in your order by phone, and it should be ready by the time you arrive. Of course, this depends on where you live.

Nick’s Cafe [Chinatown]
1300 N. Spring St., Los Angeles

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