Genkai Grill is a new place in Torrance serving fast food, Japanese style: sushi rolls, grilled fish, teriyaki, and soups. It’s fresh and flavorful stuff, all for well under $10, says GoodEatz.

The fish plate includes grilled fish (well done) with your choice of seasoning, rice, two salads, and a minimally seasoned but perfectly cooked vegetable skewer. Tuna with garlic butter has a nice hit of pepper and lemon, and the butter doesn’t leave it greasy. There’s also salmon, halibut, snapper, and sea bass. The rice is subtly flavorful, almost like pilaf. Asian salad has mesclun, mandarin orange segments, and crispy noodles—the light dressing is miso-citrus, for a great flavor combo. Spinach salad and tofu salad are also available.

The décor, if you can call it that, is clean and contemporary, with stone floors. Cooking is done in the open, right behind the cashier.

The tuna plate is about $8, and sushi roll combos go for about $6, including miso soup.

Genkai Grill [South Bay]
1249 W. Carson Street, Torrance

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