As the weather cools, it’s just about the right time for tender, flavorful, and spicy chile verde. After trying the dish at four restaurants in one week, JeetJet declares that Taco’s Omana and El Jacal hit the spot. The former’s asada tacos are also bewitchingly out of the ordinary.

El Tepeyac has awesome chile verde, the famed Hollenbeck burrito, and Manuel’s taquitos, says FoodWineTravel. Part of the experience is chatting with Manuel, a charming guy who’s owned the place for 50 years.

Teresita’s makes a fine chile verde, with pork or beef; the same goes for its chile Colorado, notes Servorg.

The chile verde at Tonny’s has thrown quite a few hounds into a tizzy.

In the Valley, orythedog swears by the version served at Harold’s House of Omelettes.

And while the delicious pork shank in spicy green chile-tomatillo sauce served at perpetual fave Enrique’s isn’t quite chile verde, it’s tantalizingly close, says estone888.

Taco’s Omana [San Gabriel Valley]
10300 Rush Street, S. El Monte

El Jacal [San Gabriel Valley]
13414 Ramona Boulevard, Baldwin Park

El Tepeyac [East LA]

812 N. Evergreen Avenue, Boyle Heights

Teresita’s [East LA]
3826 E. First Street, Boyle Heights

Tonny’s [San Gabriel Valley]
843 E. Orange Grove Boulevard, Pasadena

Harold’s House of Omelettes [San Fernando Valley–West]
2440 E. Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Thousand Oaks

Enrique’s [710 Corridor]
6210 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach

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