Those who feel that global warming isn’t worth fighting often cite the few and marginal consequences associated with the phenomenon. Sure, we lose some coastal cities. And some populated islands. And thousands of species, including polar bears. But is that worth switching to fuel-efficient cars or—God forbid—public transportation? Don’t be silly. Public transportation is for poor people and New Yorkers.

But here comes news that will open some eyes to the threat of adverse global climate change. Many of Scotland’s finest coastal whisky distilleries (including Laphroaig, Talisker, and Glenmorangie) could be wiped out by rising sea levels.

The Scotsman calls it “Dram-ageddon,” and writes:

Dr Jim Hansom, of Glasgow University’s Department of Geographical and Earth Science, insisted the threat to the whisky industry posed by climate change [was] very real.

‘All the evidence suggests that sea levels are starting to rise,’ he said. ‘All the distilleries that are based on the coast, including a lot of world-famous names, are potentially in danger of flooding.

‘People think climate change will be good for Scotland because we’ll get warmer summers, but they haven’t thought through all the other consequences.’

Crafty commenters on the Scotsman’s website, however, debunked the story using that most powerful of scientific tools: the personal anecdote. “[I]f the sea level is allegedly rising, I have yet to see it; just as I have yet to see any increase in temperatures as a result of this so-called global warming,” says one genius.

If only NASA saw it the same way.

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