Can we really trust a presidential candidate who comes to New York City and requests lunch at a chain restaurant? Zev Chafets, writer for the New York Times Magazine, reports:

Six weeks ago, I met Huckabee for lunch at an Olive Garden restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. (I had offered to take him anywhere he wanted and then vetoed his first choice, T.G.I. Friday’s.) He walked through the room in such total anonymity that I felt sorry for him. Our waiter, Corey, had no idea who he was, or even that he was supposed to be somebody.

I, too, would have felt bad for Huckabee, but even today, as the press makes his face more and more familiar, is it fair to expect an Olive Garden waiter to make a big fuss over him? Anyway, Ed Levine of New York Eats believes that Huckabee needs a culinary adviser, and he generously shared some meal ideas for next time:

[Huckabee]’s a fisherman and he watches his weight (he’s lost 110 pounds in recent years), so if Huckabee had solicited my advice, I would have sent him to Esca or the Kwik Meal cart at 45th Street and Sixth Avenue. Have the crudo and a salad at Esca, Mr. Huckabee. And you can’t go wrong with the mini-chicken roll at Kwik Meal.

These are solid suggestions, but in the comments, one reader wonders whether some politics were behind Huckabee’s pedestrian lunch requests. Was his Friday’s craving for real, or was it “some PR move designed to appeal to the tourist Middle America demographic?”

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