New Yorkers are accustomed to grabbing food from trucks, but they don’t expect to find chocolate bread pudding with crème anglaise. Enter the DessertTruck, which peddles fancy sweets crafted by a fellow who once made pastries at the tony Le Cirque. streamwise, who tried that bread pudding, pronounces it awesome.

Molten chocolate cake, filled with liquid ganache, is flavored with sea salt, roasted pistachios, and olive oil—a surprising and delicious combination, financialdistrictresident reports. Other choices include pumpkin custard, baked apple in puff pastry, bombolini filled with vanilla cream, and caramelized banana and Nutella sandwiched in a warm waffle. These high-end desserts come at a low-end price, each just $5.

A nice winter warmer, $3 a cup, is hot chocolate made with Valrhona and Guittard—not quite the equal of the popular brew at Jacques Torres, says maxine, but rich, creamy, and very good.

The DessertTruck can be found Tuesday through Sunday from 6 p.m. at Eighth Street and University Place in Greenwich Village.

DessertTruck [Greenwich Village]
E. Eighth Street and University Place, Manhattan

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