Curry fried rice at Thai Taste is one of the best things in the North Bay, says kare_raisu. It’s listed on the menu as pineapple fried rice. And it makes people into junkies. It is “addictive drug-like sexy yellow curry fried rice.”

The pumpkin curry is OK. The lemongrass red curry is a little better. But this golden yellow curry fried rice? “Crunchy cashews, egg, shrimp, pineapple, raisins, fried crisp shallots, tender pork, & sweet sauteed onion slices and jasmine rice,” with just the right touch of curry. “[C]ombine this, then make it steaming hot on a cold rainy day and you have eternal happiness on a plate,” says kare_raisu.

Thai Taste Restaurant [Sonoma County]
170 Farmer Lane #8, Santa Rosa

Board Link: Curry Fried Rice–Thai Taste in Santa Rosa

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