Someone made the mistake of telling the Chicago City Council—the same governing body that famously banned foie gras, although not particularly effectively—that keeping backyard chickens is becoming more popular. (It’s a hard secret to keep: Even the New York Times ran a story about urban husbandry a few months ago, complete with photos of an overall-outfitted Brooklynite who uses the eggs in cocktails.) Needless to say, Chicago’s City Council has decided that urban chickens look like a nail too, and the council is now considering banning local poultry.

This is, of course, the opposite of the prevailing legislative trend. As the Associated Press reports, a number of cities have recently passed laws allowing residents to keep chickens. Here’s all-star alderman Lona Lane explaining why Chicago’s different: “This past summer I started hearing that residents were letting chickens out of their yard and they were leaving poop and mice were feeding off of it. Then we started getting rodent-control problems and, sure enough, it was the chickens.”

Right. Those “rodent-control problems” in Chicago—that’s all the fault of a few urban chickens. But before the vote was held, several alderman came to their senses and delayed the measure, possibly because of squawking from the pro-chicken contingent. In the meantime, Alderman Lane might want to take a look at Backyard Poultry.

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