Food Network’s Goin’ Edgy: More details about the Food Network’s new channel, the Cooking Channel, hit this week: a lineup of younger, hipper, more demographically diverse shows. One will feature three Canadian “hoser” guys in plaid jackets, who build taco vending machines. via the New York Times

Sexualizing Slow Food: According to Bolivian president Evo Morales, in some questionable remarks at a climate change summit, men go bald when they eat genetically modified foods, and eating chickens fed hormones causes men to “deviate from their manhood” and girls to grow breasts early. via Wire Update

Blander Than You Remember: Salty spaghetti sauces and other packaged foods are going to get gradually less salty over the next ten years, according to a deep-throat source at the FDA. The agency has big plans for an anti-sodium campaign. via the Washington Post

Invasive Predator Tastes So Good: Asian carp is both threatening Illinois’s waterways and being served as an appetizer by chef Phillip Foss, of Chicago’s Lockwood restaurant. At first he was giving it away for free, but this week he’s charging $12 for his ceviche preparation. via Chicago Tribune

A Good Read: LA Times goes behind the scenes at a Top Chef Masters nail-biting elimination round: “[Mark] Peel paced, frustrated that his attempted Yorkshire pudding for his Toad in the Hole was being thwarted by a malfunctioning oven.”

Thread of the Week: Salon’s article on wedding catering horror stories, such as roaches running around the buffet table and sangria made with Kool-Aid.

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