Geoduck clams (pronounced “gooey duck”) are delicious bivalves, especially considering that they look like horrifying alien beasts. celeryroot loves them, finding them similar to abalone and razor clams, but warns that they are an aesthetic challenge to prepare. Each giant bivalve can be two pounds or more.

“The shell does not close and this ugly protruding almost black thick thing protrudes; it pulsates,” says celeryroot, shuddering. Despite looking like scary aliens, and despite the fact that they cost around $20 per pound fresh (and around half the weight is lost in cleaning), geoduck clams have many fans. These creatures are what is often sold as mirugai, or “giant clam nigiri,” says Veggo. “The sweet flavor and firm but not rubbery texture are compelling,” says Veggo. And many Chinese restaurants, especially in the Vancouver area, serve them in dim sum or as a braised dish for dinner, says ipsedixit.

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