Instead of embracing new technology, Louis Rossetto, one of the guys who brought you Wired magazine, is now embracing chocolate. He describes his new chocolate company, Tcho, as “where Silicon Valley start-up meets San Francisco food culture.” The new Ghanaian bars are available this week.

According to the New York Times, “The 15-person start-up, said Mr. Rossetto, combines many elements of classic Silicon Valley innovation: Tcho’s approach to working with farmers, the rethinking of the chocolate lexicon, and its approach to raising money.”

Rossetto is partner in the project, with a longtime friend who is a technologist. Together they shipped the entire contents of a chocolate factory from the old German castle where it had been residing to San Francisco where Tcho is located.

Tcho says its chocolate is in “beta” and it would like feedback on the product. In a sign that the VC-fueled days truly are well and over, you’ll need to pay $4 for the opportunity to “beta test” the 50-gram bar (and you’ll need to live in the Bay Area—the bars are only available locally to begin with).

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