Wheelhouse Pickles bills its Minor Threat habanero pepper sauce as “sheepishly spirited” and “feisty yet sensible.” It has nothing to do with the extremely influential and staunchly anticonsumerist punk band Minor Threat, except that Wheelhouse’s own Jon Orren is a big fan of the band and sent them a bottle of the sauce for approval before it was released to the public.

The original packaging included the image of a chile pepper holding a bottle and wearing a motorcycle jacket, which plays on the band’s “Bottled Violence” logo depicting a beer bottle in a similar pose. But that didn’t fly with frontman Ian MacKaye and his group. Epi-Log reports:

MacKaye and the band members tried the sauce, looked at the proposed art and decided that though they had no problem with Wheelhouse using the entirely appropriate name Minor Threat, they definitely didn’t want anyone thinking that Minor Threat, the sauce, was a product officially endorsed by Minor Threat, the band. So they nixed the artwork.

The sauce is available online, along with pickled pears, peppers, beets, turnips, and okra.

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