Stink is back, according to an article in the December issue of ReadyMade (not available online, sorry), which notes some unusual scented products now on the market.

Electronics manufacturer AudioTronic has been selling scented MP3 players since 2005. Which sounds pretty normal when you have a player scented like cherry or chocolate, but veers into the strange when you arrive at marijuana-scented gadgets, part of the Addiction Series, which also includes casino and coffee aromas. What does a casino smell like, I wonder? Cigarettes and nervous sweat?

The ReadyMade piece glances over the cookie-scented scratch ’n’ sniff advertisements from the “Got Milk?” campaign too, which were placed at San Francisco bus stops in 2006, and scented jeans from Spanish company Cimarron that smell like mint, lemon, berry, or orange for up to 20 washings.

But the product that really stopped me in my tracks was the fruit-scented wallpaper from New Orleans design firm Flavor Paper. The designs are fantastic (hello-o-o-o Tutti Frutti!), and they’re scratch ’n’ sniffable. One question: Do they have anything in snozzberry?

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