With the round of holiday house parties underway, there is more opportunity than ever to poke your nose into the private worlds of party hosts. Some like to peek into medicine cabinets, but it’s not much fun looking at expired medicine and hairy brushes when you can use your socializing time to snoop in people’s refrigerators. What kind of condiments do they prefer? Do they store their leftovers in matching Tupperware or old Cool Whip containers?

But what to do when you’re between parties and the urge hits to see what everyone else’s fridge looks like? Just click on over to Fridgewatcher.com, where citizens from around the world bravely chronicle the contents of their iceboxes in photos. And what a world we live in: There are overstuffed fridges and barren fridges. Fridges both meaty and more vegetarian. When you can look into refrigerators across the globe, you know you live in a brave new world.

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