Bailey’s is an Irish-style tavern that recently got a smoker–and someone who knows how to use it. Smoked brisket, served in a sandwich with just a bit of sauce on the meat and roll, rivals the best versions georgeb had when he lived in Texas. It’s $8.50 and comes with fries and cole slaw. The barbecue menu, which is still being tweaked, also includes ribs and pulled pork.

The man at the smoker is Dave “Fink” Finkelstein, a Jersey pitmaster whose signature sandwiches include the BarbeReuben (made not with corned beef but smoked brisket) and the BarbeCuban (with pulled pork).

Bailey’s Smokehouse [Rockland County]
at Bailey’s Blauvelt Inn
136 Erie St. E., between Rte 303 and Moison Rd., Blauvelt, NY

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