Look who has joined the blogging bandwagon—it’s Martha! Never one to let new technology pass her by, the domestic diva has started her own blog. Will we get to see what kind of cheese sandwich the queen of all things orderly eats for lunch?

In all likelihood, the blog will only be of interest to the die-hard fan (especially as Martha’s not really the one doing all the writing—her sister and executive assistant “capture my voice,” she explains). There are some food-specific posts in there (Pumpkin-Pecan-Praline Pie, a three-cheese frittata, all about garlic, and Martha’s daughter’s Alexis’s pate de fruits—with a link to her blog).

Most of the posts, however, deal with the minutiae of Martha’s life. But if you’ve always wanted to know about what kind of gloves Martha’s gardener wears, what her hip surgery was like, or what went on at the birthday party she recently held for her cats, head on over. Not to mention, there’s some serious Peeping Tom action on Martha’s Thanksgiving dinner (no, she didn’t cook, but her friends did).

I have a feeling a cheese sandwich post is coming soon. Any votes on what kind of sammy Martha prefers?

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