There was something awfully familiar about the delicious refugiado, or guava-cheese pastry, at the new Cuban place in Anaheim, thought Das Ubergeek. Upon inquiry, it turned out that Café Contigo gets its pastries, frozen, from the Porto’s Bakery warehouse in Irwindale (as the Porto’s retail outlets themselves do), and they bake up beautifully in-house.

Café Contigo can take full credit for its excellent Cuban café con leche, though, essentially a café latte with a little raw molasses to take the edge off, and no foam. Some free biscottilike pastries by the register are good for dunking, and these sweeten the coffee just enough to make it perfect.

Sandwiches and soups are made in-house—fingers crossed for a great Cuban sandwich.

Café Contigo [Orange County]
327 S. Anaheim Boulevard #A, Anaheim

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