Port Royal “doesn’t look like it belongs in the neighborhood, but once you go in and meet the proprietress, you understand that she belongs anywhere,” says lil mikey about the restaurant in a little house standing by itself in Santa Monica.

The hostess is friendly, ebullient, and a real pleasure to talk to, says lil mikey. Her best dish: curried goat. “It’s deeply tender from obviously long cooking, and it has a rich flavor with just a hint of interesting gaminess. But it’s not too gamy … you just get the message that it’s not beef or pork,” says lil mikey.

Jerk chicken is the real deal, with cooked-in, not ladled-over, jerk flavor, says lil mikey. But a warning: Port Royal’s hours are fluid, as is the menu. The proprietors open when they feel like it, and they serve what they feel like. Go with the flow.

Port Royal [Westside – Beaches]
1412 Broadway, Santa Monica

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