Cooked Books, a blog written by librarian Rebecca Federman, covers “all things culinary at the New York Public Library.” One of the latest tomes that she’s pulled from the archives is Les dîners de Gala, Salvador Dali’s cookbook. Federman writes:

The book is a combination of Dali’s surrealist works with photographs that look like they could come out of a 1959 Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. And the recipes? Well they’re not exactly traditional holiday fare, but they’ll do till Christmas.

Dali’s avocado toast on rye, for instance, involves minced almonds, lamb brains, and three tablespoons of tequila. Yikes. Since used copies on Amazon are priced between $145 and $378, checking out a copy at the library is an especially good idea—if only to look at the pictures.

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