Worrying about what to cook for that goose that drops by for dinner? Worry no more! Natalie Jeremijenko, an artist and professor at New York University, is writing what I’d wager is the first “cross-species” cookbook: According to Conservation Magazine, Jeremijenko’s cookbook will have “recipes designed to appeal to appetites both goose and human.”

And I’m not joking: The recipes include Vegetable Matter Underfoot, which is described as “a tempting confection of vegetable carpaccio garnished with ‘aquatic insect powder, seeds, and seepage,’ all piled on a large leaf.” The uppercase concept here is that, as Jeremijenko says, “we set up our relationships with animals in distinct and often superficial ways.” That might be true, but I’m not unhappy about it: Separate menus for geese and humans seems like a wholly justifiable distinction. (That species distinction! So superficial!) I mean, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall gets close enough to his animals already.

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