In a healthy twist on a classic dim sum offering, Wing Lee Bakery now has whole wheat bao, says Melanie Wong. They’re “actually kind of mind-expanding after a lifetime of white buns,” says indigirl. Melanie describes them as “soft and tender, just a slight bit coarser than the white flour would be, and the filling’s just the same.” For the record, that filling was chicken; a combo variation involves boneless chicken thigh meat, Chinese sausage (lop cheong), hard-cooked egg, scallions, and black mushroom. The whole-wheat bao are also available at sister restaurant Happy Bakery and likely also at Wei Lee,  under the same ownership.

Speaking of Chinese sausage (a handy addition to noodle soup when you’re at home), the lop cheong at Mow Lee Shing Kee & Co “is the best in San Francisco has to offer,” says yimster. The Chinatown spot is the last one still making “waxed”/preserved meats in-house the old-fashioned way, he says. They also do a good duck liver lop cheungmonku always gets a few pounds of each kind for family back in LA when visiting SF.

gordon wing was pleased with the tender, flavorful lop cheung he got at Wycen Foods. They’re a safe bet, concedes yimster, and the option of cut-up sausages is really convenient.

Wing Lee Bakery [Inner Richmond District]
503 Clement Street, San Francisco

Happy Bakery [Sunset]
2253 Irving Street, San Francisco

Wei Lee Chinese Food & Donut [Inner Richmond District]
700 Clement Street, San Francisco

Mow Lee Shing Kee & Co [Chinatown]
774 Commercial Street, San Francisco

Wycen Foods [Chinatown]
903 Washington Street, San Francisco

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Wycen Chinese Sausage—thumbs up!

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