Here’s the story: Gumbah’s served the most beloved Italian beef sandwiches in town. Then it closed, to the sorrow of thousands. But it’s back! One of the former customers from the neighborhood stepped up and bought the place. Before he did, he made certain he could retain the old recipes, the same providers, and the same cook. He loved the place so much, he wanted to bring it completely “back in all its delicious, drippy glory,” says PDXpat. “Even the old familiar, house-made giardiniera was there.”

The cheesesteak is great, too—very much like it was previously and, if anything, a little cheesier. Fries are definitely the same crispy shoestring type. The only disappointment is the onion rings—which were never really that great at Gumbah’s anyway.

There’s been some minor remodeling: The eating area is a little less cluttered, the kitchen is a little cleaner and more organized, and everything’s a bit shinier. But it’s definitely the same old place.

The new place has a new name—West Side Café—but the owner’s leaving the Gumbah’s signs up for a while.

West Side Café (formerly Gumbah’s) [Solano County]
138 Tennessee Street, Vallejo

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