Good homemade soba is beautiful—a dense, wheaty, chewy, perfectly toothsome bit of noodly life. It’s hard to find in San Francisco, but sometimes, Mikaku Restaurant has it. Try its homemade zaru soba: It’s particularly nice, since Mikaku serves the sobayu (the water the noodles have cooked in), says shortexact.

Mikaku doesn’t have its own buckwheat milling machine, so it’s not actually grinding its own flour on the premises—which means that the soba isn’t done in the most strictly, traditionally proper Japanese way. But the chef is enthusiastic about the soba-making process, and he has fans, says K K. However the soba is a special—so call ahead to find out if it’s being served.

The restaurant also has a nice, hearty chawan mushi and light, sweet kobacha, served with sea salt.

Mikaku Restaurant [Union Square]
323 Grant Avenue, San Francisco

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