Steve Johnson of Junk Food Blog has his finger on the pulse of all things snacky. He recently reported that Krispy Kreme’s snowman doughnuts are back for the holiday season and that Domino’s delivered pizzas to hungry passengers on a delayed airplane in Dubuque, Iowa. This blog is a dream for fans of new processed-food products, but it’s not so popular among manufacturers that’d like consumers to view their food as healthy:

Earlier this year, I contacted a well-known pickle manufacturer because I wanted a digital image of their newest variety. They refused, arguing that they didn’t want me blogging their product because they [are] trying [to] promote pickles as a ‘health food.’

This raised a big question for Johnson: “What Is Junk Food Anyways?” In a slightly convoluted argument, he reasons that junkiness is in the eye (or perhaps the stomach) of the beholder. Johnson, who clearly loves him some treats, believes that a celery stick could be considered junk food because it contains very little nutritional value and is often eaten as a snack. And chocolate bars, eaten in moderation, are said to have “positive health benefits in the form of antioxidants.”

Nutritionists may disagree, but I think Johnson is on to something.

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