Slashfood notes that movie blog Cinematical has compiled a list of the seven best films for food enthusiasts. There are of course a million such things online (here’s CHOW’s take), and Cinematical includes some of the classics (Eat Drink Man Woman, Mostly Martha) along with some newer selections (Ratatouille, Waitress). I mostly mention it for one egregious, glaring oversight: Big Night is not even name-checked.

Um, what? What? No Big Night? No Primo? No Secondo? Did you not see the “spaghetti with risotto” scene? The timpano? Was it lost on you how many restaurants serve Big Night dinners?

One of my personal favorite food scenes is generally not included on these kinds of lists (although Gastronomica’s canonical list mentions it): the salacious dinner scene in the 1963 film Tom Jones. If watching a handsome young Albert Finney and Joyce Redman conduct a seduction over the dinner table doesn’t whet your appetite, well … I have nothing much to say to you.

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