In the instant classic (and quickly canceled) series Arrested Development, the family patriarch really threw himself into teaching his kids life lessons. No matter how minor the infraction—not leaving a note, for example—George Sr. would hire a man with one arm to stage a terrifying accident wherein he would “lose” a prop arm and teach the kids something they’d never forget.

The obvious message (and comedy): The emotional trauma of the lesson far, far outweighed the original point of the exercise.

On that note: Canada has put out a breathtakingly horrifying restaurant-safety public service announcement about … well, wow. Honestly, I can’t remember what the original point was, but just watch the damn thing over on sports news site Deadspin. [WARNING: Contains footage of what may be the most grotesque kitchen accident you can imagine. You may throw up.]

And that, kids, is why you always clean up grease.

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