Which are the best gingersnaps to dip into coffee or crumble into pie crust if you don’t feel like making your own? LJS likes Anna’s, the ginger thins that Ikea imports from Sweden. The cookies make a terrific crust for an apple cream pie. btnfood finds the Stauffer’s brand spicier and crisper than other supermarket brands, if you can’t get any special ones. Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Snaps—with dried, grated, and crystallized ginger—are spicy and good.

McVitie’s Ginger Nuts (don’t worry, they’re gingersnaps) are special cookies imported from England, very crispy and quite hot and spicy, says oakjoan. “I think they’re popular because they can stand up to being dipped into tea,” she says. They also make great pie crust. Find them at Cost Plus and places with British imports. And try Sweetzels spiced wafers. Eric in NJ has bought about six boxes—they’re that good.

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