If you’re getting married—or, hell, just having a really good dinner party—you might want to give a bit of thought to your menu. And by “menu,” we mean an actual paper or card stock list of what’s for supper.

Printing off a collectible menu gives your guests a concrete way to remember a great meal, and helps give the whole event a sense of structure and pacing. Taking the next step and having a professional design menu cards for your gathering is arguably way, way over the top—but that may, of course, be the point. This week, online wedding magazine Utterly Engaged featured a few beautiful menus created by designer Erin Jang, but odds are good that wherever you are, there’s a talented designer who can breathe a bunch of visual life and fun into whatever gala you’re next gambling your social capital on. If you have the money to pay for such a thing, that is.

Oh, man, this post just got deeply depressing. Swedish Chef, bail me out.

[Via Chris Eats]

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