Speaking of coffee and kids, is it ever too early to get your tyke interested in gourmet brews? Target’s kooky new play tent, which is styled to look like a cozy little espresso café, suggests that even the littlest kids like to linger over make-believe mugs of steaming mocha lattes.

This item seems less absurd when one considers that lots of kids love tea parties—but this play tent doesn’t come with mini espresso cups or a pretend espresso machine. And, apparently, that’s what makes it kind of boring. One product reviewer writes:

I gathered all of my nieces at my house and I set the play house up … after about 15 minutes they were asking me did I have anything else for them to play with. … For typical everyday little girls this would be extremely boring. Unless you noticed the child pretending to serve espresso then this tent will be a big disappointment and big waste of your money.

But perhaps this product would appeal to the offspring of a coffee-shop-lovin’ couple, or a hoity-toity Gossip Girl-in-training who isn’t too young to appreciate the finer things in life?

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