As we’ve written before about  sea salt and other specialty salts, they’re used to finish a dish. rezpeni is a fan of Maldon sea salt: “I mostly use it as a last minute addition to salads, meats, soups, usually in conjunction with my best olive oil that doesn’t get cooked either,” says rezpeni. “Has a great briny, mineraly taste and nice big, light flakes.”

But the real selling point of the salt is not the flavor, says Mr Taster. It’s the texture. “Big, wide, flat crunchy irregular crystals. It’s got a great crunch,” he says. mrhooks agrees. “The best thing about Maldon sea salt is that some of the intact crystals are shaped like flattened pyramids,” he says. “Very cool looking, and good for finishing as you said, or as a condiment. I think it’s one of the saltier salts I’ve tried, on the opposite end of the spectrum from, say, fleur de sel.”

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