Visiting Floridian bowmgbo always brings New York foodstuffs (babka, herring) home after a trip to the Big Apple. What typically Boston area treats should make the return journey? Boston hounds spoke up loud and proud about many iconic local treats, including:

• A cannoli kit with shells and filling packed separately, to be stuffed just before eating. Such kits are available at Modern Pastry and Maria’s.

• Not exactly from Boston, but close: Cranberry Bog Frogs candies or chocolate covered cranberries from Cape Cod Provisions, most commonly found in New England specialty stores and also spotted recently at Whole Foods.

• Fennel salami or other Italian delicacies from Salumeria Italiana in the North End.

• Something from Taza Chocolate, headquartered in Somerville.

Maple Leaf brand’s natural casing hot dogs: momoftwo says it’s the one thing her family always brings back with them. Her uncle usually buys a whole case.

Modern Pastry [North End]
257 Hanover Street, Boston

Maria’s [North End]
48 Cross Street, Boston

Salumeria Italiana [North End]
151 Richmond Street, Boston

Taza Chocolate [North of Boston]
561 Windsor Street, Somerville

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