Over at Flak Magazine, I’ve written an extremely timely review of an extremely strange food: hotdish on a stick. It’s a fair food that’s been hyped to the point of being video-blogged.

For those unhappy few among us not originally from the Upper Midwest, hotdish is a casserole-like food closely associated with the cultural core of what it means to be Minnesotan; its primary unifying agent, cream of mushroom soup, is known colloquially as “the Lutheran binder.”

While hotdish is primarily a cold-weather favorite (read: roughly half the year) it emerges in its “on-a-stick” incarnation during the Great Minnesota Get Together (also known as the Minnesota State Fair). Minnesotans will have to hustle to get their mitts on this starchy rod of meat-n-potato stuffed goodness; the get-together ends on Labor Day.

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