Hotcakes Bakes has a truly unique cupcake, says bulavinaka. “The cake portion is based on the popular tres leches cake; it’s moist, flavorful, and slightly spongy, and has a tres leches-like filling piped in the middle,” explains bulavinaka. “This is topped with a horchata frosting, then garnished with fresh slices of mango that have been adorned with chili powder. It really is the little package that sums up some yummy sweets found in Mexican cuisine and beyond.” The horchata frosting is nice and cinnamon-y, and the mango is fresh. The whole shebang is moist; quite unlike the dry cupcakes peddled at some other bakeries.

Hotcakes Bakes [Westside – Inland]
4119 South Centinela Avenue, Los Angeles

Discuss: Hotcakes Bakes in Culver City/Mar Vista: Tres leches, horchata and chili mango all in one cupcake!

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