“Everything we ordered hit high on the taste meter,” says bulavinaka about the new, slightly dressy Westside Lebanese restaurant Mezza Grill. Fried cauliflower by itself justifies a visit. The seasoning highlights the cauliflower’s natural nuttiness, and the cauliflower is cooked “just enough to give a slightly crispy texture on the outside” but leave it “still steamy and fragrant on the inside.”

Falafels are perfectly fried, with a soft inner warmth, says bulavinaka. The accompanying tahini is excellently lemony, and balances well with the falafel.

Succulent, sweet shrimp kabobs come perfectly cooked, with a nice char on the outside. They are served with creamy garlic condiment. “Creamy garlic and shrimp, what a perfect match,” says bulavinaka. “I can’t say enough about the kitchen’s chef. His name is difficult for me to even think about pronouncing but he is a magician.”

Mezza Grill [Westside – Inland]
9901 Washington Boulevard, Culver City

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