Authentic German muesli can be very hard to find in the United States, says GinaJ. Proper muesli is unsweetened, ruling out most American granolalike products. It has a base of oats made interesting with pieces of fruit, nuts, and various grains. Also, it’s not toasted like American granola—it’s not supposed to be crunchy, just hearty and satisfying. The Trader Joe’s blueberry muesli is pretty good, but who wants blueberry flavor every single day? Bob’s Red Mill Old Country Style Muesli has too much fruit. Luckily, GinaJ’s favorite brand from Germany, Seitenbacher, can be purchased online. Ignore the awful website (often badly translated from the German) and the shop that does not even provide final bill confirmation—it’s worth it for the tasty, unsweetened muesli, with just the right balance of nuts and fruit. Many products available are organic.

But don’t limit yourself to healthy German breakfast muesli. Bircher muesli (Swiss style) is more of a dessert than a breakfast. The grains are soaked in cream overnight (mmmm, cream), and then fruit, perhaps grated apple and raspberries, is added. Or you could just stick to your German muesli with skim milk, yogurt, and fresh fruit mixed in.

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