Here’s the kind of food story that warms the cockles of your heart: When a guy at the newly opened Target Field in Minneapolis decided to fire up a delicious batch of marijuana (or “oregano,” as he later described it to security guards) he chose to do so in a red pepper hollowed out into an improvised pipe.

Via the CNNiReport:

“On Friday I took three students to Target Field to watch the Minnesota Twins play an exhibition game against the St. Louis Cardinals. In the 7th inning a fan in front of us came back to his seat with a red pepper. He then began carving it out and reached into his pocket and pulled out weed. With dozens of fans watching he began smoking. Throughout the game this guy was telling people around him that he was going to be the first person to smoke weed at Target Field.”

Mission accomplished, buddy.

On a more conventionally uplifting note, the food at Target Field is said to be terrific. Highlights include wild rice soup, Cuban sandwiches, Ukrainian bratwurst, two kinds of cheese-stuffed hamburgers, and a short rib burger with Gouda created by locally renowned Chef Vincent Francoual.

Image source: Flickr member Library of Congress under Creative Commons

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