LA just got a double whammy: Two New York pizza joints have opened up, one on the Westside and one on the Eastside.

Brownstone Pizza is serving thin-crust in Eagle Rock, and Detroit Slim, for one, is thrilled. “Proust had his madelines. I have my pizza,” says Slim. “The grease, the sauce, the crust… it was that old school pizza that I loved. This is hands down the most authentic slice of NYC pizza I’ve eaten outside of the five boroughs, and for my tastes, it’s a better slice than most of the slice-and-a-coke joints in the city.”

Reports are inconsistent, though, with some folks reporting lukewarm, flabby slices and mediocre cheese. When it’s good, though, it sounds very good.

Meanwhile, there’s a line out the door at Santa Monica’s Joe’s, which makes it a brilliant slice joint, says Professor Salt. As great as a cheese slice is by itself, order yours with toppings so it’ll go back in the oven for an extra-crisp crust, he advises.

Here, too, there are detractors, who criticize the tomato sauce and the flavor of the crust, and those who point out that the original Joe’s in NY is overrated.

Guess there’s only one way to find out.

Brownstone Pizza [Eagle Rock]
2108 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles

Joe’s Pizza [Westside–Beaches]
111 Broadway, Santa Monica

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