What was for decades a Greek luncheonette is now a sweet Korean spot called Mama’s Delight. In Port Washington, this is big news. “If this restaurant was in midtown Manhattan,” suggests ericbop, “there would be lines around the corner.”

The food is fresh, spicy, and delicious, reports monalisawoman. She recommends dumplings, rice cakes, seafood pancakes, and barbecued eel or squid, among other things. Don’t expect rigorously authentic Korean chow. Joe, the genial pop of this mom-and-pop shop, is quick to note that Mama’s is accommodating American tastes, as well as working in flavors from Southeast Asia, as in a scrumptious soup of tofu, coconut, and basil.

Vegetarian options abound. Check out ginseng salad, radish dumpling stew, or one of the many takes on bean curd, like Tofu Vegetable Harmony: steamed, sautéed organic tofu with steamed vegetables and a spicy Korean sauce. And Joe brews up deep, soothing teas—ginger, ginseng, plum honey, and more. “It is healthy and satisfying in the way good home cooking is,” says starny. “Eating in Port has gotten a lot better.”

Mama’s Delight [Nassau County]
87 Main Street (near Irma Avenue), Port Washington, NY

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