What’s better than bacon? How about eight different kinds of bacon? Welcome to the bacon taste test on Meathenge.

The bacon samples came from a meat-collecting road trip taken by friends of Meathenge who “traveled through out the state of Oregon in search of Bacon and Meat products. … I usually told the butchers our quest,” explains Chilebrown, “some could care less. The Manager from Zenner’s got excited and started to give me free sausage products.”

Chilebrown and his travel companion, Ms. Goofy, returned home after 1,700 miles with three large ice chests full of meat—including beef bacon and Black Forest bacon. Soon after, they were inviting Biggles of Meathenge over and frying up six different kinds of bacon. As Biggles writes in his roundup: “Beer & bacon for breakfast? How could anyone pass that one up.”

Perhaps the taste-off will become an annual event. Judging from the comments on Meathenge, there are some folks who want to join in next time—including yours truly. Bring on the bacon (and beer)!

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