There once was a time when a homemade Fluffernutter was the most coveted item at the grade-school lunch table. But the absolutely adorable bento boxes featured on Lunch in a Box blow sandwiches right out of the water. The woman behind these meticulous boxed meals goes by “Biggie” and describes herself as an “avid cook, speedy lunch packer, mom & former expat fluent in Japanese.”

It might also be safe to assume that she’s the most-resented woman in the PTA—after all, her kid’s fellow preschoolers must be begging for bentos as awesome as the ones she packs, and they don’t seem easy to copy.

Biggie’s minimuffins and tamagoyaki are pretty high-end lunch treats, but the inimitable beauty lies in the nifty packaging. Biggie has an extensive Flickr set depicting the entire arsenal of tools used to pack and consume these lunches, from delightful food dividers to pastel-colored rabbit toothpicks to supercute rice cubers. Many of these items were purchased at Daiso, a Japanese version of the dollar store, which has several locations on the West Coast.

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