The waffle is incredibly versatile, a very “forgiving food,” says moh, that goes with “whatever you feel like eating that day.” Some of the best waffle toppings are the most traditional. TheSwedishFish prefers “thin, crispy waffles with heaps of maple syrup, or strawberries and whipped cream,” and ipsedixit likes waffles topped with a poached egg and some bacon. kermit gets a little more daring with “thinned out nutella, banana slices and toasted walnuts or pecans,” or lingonberry jam with whipped cream.

Emme really gilds the lily. She makes maple taffy, cuts it into little pieces, and stirs it into waffle batter. “My ex loved a ricotta and sometimes blue cheese waffle with a caramelized fig topping,” she says. moh loved waffles smeared with passion fruit butter in Hawaii; or try chestnut purée, raspberries preserved in brandy, or caramelized apples in rum butter. And dijon offers a family favorite: “Try sprinkling cheddar cheese on top of the waffle before closing the top iron. Crispy brown cheese, fine with real maple syrup.”

Discuss: Waffle day—what’s your favourite waffle topping?

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