Most hounds have a mental burger map of their vicinity, with landmarks placed at tried-and-true locations. But even though you may be loyal to those old friends, sometimes you’re just in the mood for something different. Board picks for unusually good burger-slingers include:

• Kingston Station: “[H]ow can you go wrong with bacon, cheese, and a fried quail egg,” asks Karl. He also recommends the truffle fries appetizer, a “massive bucket of deliciously salty crisp fries with some melted cheese on them and an awesome aioli to dip them in.”

• Wild Willy’s, which Dan Boston says straddles the boundary between fast food and gourmet burgers, with six-ounce patties that are neither too decadent nor too stingy. You can order standard or grass-fed (Dan always opts for the grass-fed), and it’s cooked to order, with fine toppings like locally grown tomatoes and Vermont cheddar: “There is nothing particularly noteworthy about the burgers. They are not made of short ribs, stuffed with foie gras, or topped with truffles. It is just a really good solid burger for $6-$7,” says Dan.

• Sel de la Terre, which continues to dazzle hounds with its offering: “The flavor of the beef is outstanding, cooked to perfection, and with a great crust,” says Soxfan49, who found out in a chat with the chef that the beef is sourced from a single farm in Maine. The burger’s served with cheddar, grilled onion, and pepper rémoulade.

Kingston Station [Downtown]
25 Kingston Street, Boston

Wild Willy’s [MetroWest]
46 Arsenal Street, Watertown

Sel de la Terre [MetroWest]
1245 Worcester Street, Natick

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