There is mass Chowhound consensus: Tasty Noodle House is fantastic. Hot and sour soup and pork and leek dumplings are exemplary, says conor610.

Jellyfish head will tempt lovers of interestingly textured foodstuff: “If you like the crispy/crunchy texture of regular slivers of jellyfish, but want a bit more body, jellyfish head is for you,” explains PandanExpress.

Buns are excellent, too. Pan-fried pork buns have a salty, doughy wrapper. The three-savory-flavors dumplings (shrimp, pork, and sea cucumber) are good, but need to be eaten steaming hot for maximum flavor impact, says PandanExpress.

odub says his uncle has been raving about this place for having the best beef noodle soup in town. Other orders: thin, crispy scallion pancakes, and a cold appetizer of flat mung bean noodles, shredded pork, sea cucumber, and cucumber—“a really brightly flavored dish with incredibly clean, fresh notes, accented with the slightly sour tang,” says odub.

Pork sparerib stew is simple, clean, and beautiful. “I’ve had variations on this other places but nothing quite so well-executed in its simplicity,” says odub.

The menu says “Northern Chinese cuisine,” but there’s other stuff on it, like Sichuan dishes. When PandanExpress asked, the boss lady said that since her area’s cuisine isn’t part of the notable regional Chinese cuisines, she had to adopt dishes from other regions to fill it out.

Tasty Noodle House [San Gabriel Valley]
827 W. Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel

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