Taste of Beijing is in Rowland Heights’ Diamond Plaza food court. You can’t miss it, with the faux temple archway and the servers in Chinese costumes. Don’t let the excess chinoiserie throw you—this place is 100 percent legit.

Mr Taster found truly great cumin lamb skewers, at the bargain-basement price of $1 a skewer. “The seasoning was very nice…. a great spicy kick with a punch of cumin, well-balanced, and the texture was right.” The biggest winner: the chicken wing skewer. “Do yourself a favor and go there now and order the wings,” orders Mr Taster.

There is also a really good rendition of jia jiang mian, wheat noodles in a Bolognese-like sauce, with clearly handmade, excellently rough noodles with a decent chew.

Taste of Beijing in Diamond Plaza [San Gabriel Valley]
1380 Fullerton Road, Rowland Heights

Discuss: NOODLE EXPRESS 101 new menu items… Props to Chandavkl for finding “TASTE OF BEIJING” in Rowland heights… OR, Beijing Mustard Cabbage….. jie mo dui… FINALLY!! (But… NO!)

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