Sex enthusiasts, take note: Your favorite edible undergarments will be labeled with far more care now that the government of Norway is on the case.

Reuters reports that Norway’s “largest erotic chain store” came under fire for inadequate labeling of its edible products, and has begun including more thorough documentation with sensual delectables such as penis pasta, candy cuffs, and chocolate body paint.

The best quotes in the story come from one of the store’s “sexual advisers,” a position whose duties remain sadly unenumerated by Reuters.

‘Food is not really our core product,’ [said] Kjersti Antonsen, a sexual adviser in the store.

‘We have panties, bras, handcuffs and suspender belts made out of candy,’ Antonsen said, adding that the store will comply with the regulations and label all its food products.

Yes sir, nothing like Red Vines suspenders to get the ol’ appetite revving.

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